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The number of minorities has doubled between 1980 and 2000

Minnesota has the largest community of Southeast Asians in the United States, dating back to the Vietnam war era.  

Minnesota has the second largest population of East Africans in the nation.  Somalis comprise the fastest growing refugee population in Minnesota with a majority of them making their homes in Minneapolis/St. Paul areas.

Crown Medical Center works very hard to assure our clients experience professional visits to our facilities.

Because of the multicultural backgrounds of the people we serve,  many times it is necessary to have interpreters explain symptoms and ailments.  They also help our clients to understand the exam and treatment procedures we offer.

In our laboratory we are able to perform many tests to help us determine the condition of the patients. 

Our state of the art facilities are equipped to provide treatment in a caring and respectful manner. 

Crown Medical Center now has a Civil Surgeon website

For those clients seeking immigration, naturalization and United States Citizenship assistance, Crown Medical Center is pleased to promote our new  Civil Surgeon web site for your immediate use. Please freely pass this information along to other interested parties.  The Civil Surgeon website strives to assist the "whole family" by ensuring everyone's needs are met in a timely and successful manner.

Crown Medical Center also has a Travel Clinic website

Crown Medical Center is pleased to offer travel assistance to international travelers. There are three separate web sites to serve international travelers and immigrants. If you or someone you know anticipates traveling abroad, or has recently entered the United States, please visit one of Crown Medical Center's travel Clinics for information about what to do next.  The websites are; and You may make an appointment with any of these clinics at